Double Card Flip Mentalism Trick

This video is called the World’s Greatest Card Trick but I prefer calling it the Double Card Flip Mentalism Trick. Now, there is a good reason for this…  I’m sure we’ve all seen card tricks that are really good and they’ve left us mesmerized to date. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. :)

Still, I have to mention that this card trick is one of those that tweak one’s interest. Yes, it might not blow your mind off but its amazing just how much work goes behind it. So, go ahead and watch it,  it’s worth the view.

Like I mentioned earlier, wouldn’t give it a 5 star rating but its very interesting.

Just a quick thought: instead of using a blue card or a card with one luminous color that might mess up your trick, try using a card of similar color as the rest of the deck and make sure you mark it somehow.

Please leave your comments below, would like to read what your thoughts are on this video.


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