CD Magic Mentalism Tutorial

The CD Magic Mentalism Tutorial is a great trick but one that requires some effort. To be honest, I watched twice and still can’t get the trick.

Hopefully, you’ll all find it to be an interesting mentalism video.

Like I said, not very easy but something worth the try. It’s time you performed some great shows out there… 😉

Feel free to post in your comments down below.

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  1. Jean
    3 years ago

    I took that note sir! THanks!!! Just did a stand up comedy magic meaisltnm act for a company’s seminar. It went according to plan. I guess I love doing meaisltnm with humor rather than the hardcore meaisltnm type. Here’s a some one liners I usually use: People with mental telepathy can read minds. I can read minds not because I’m telepathic, its because I’m mental . hehehe I will now attempt to get into your mind (pause), that’s strange, I can’t see anything I want you to think about the things you’ve done before we met, Ok? (pause) Can I tell you something? (whisper with the mic close to the mouth) You forgot to change your underwear .