Balducci Self Levitation Magic Trick Revealed

If you’ve never quite figured out how the Balducci Self Levitation Magic Trick works, then we have a 5 minute video that explains this illusion quite well.

This trick requires you to use some leg muscle to lift your weight up in the air and also the ability to know what angle is best to create the perfect illlusion. So without much ado, go ahead and watch this interesting video.

When Chris Angel does this same trick, his body actions make you think that he really does levitate in mid air but the trick is all in your body language and the ability to lift yourself high up without revealing your secret.

One good thing about the Balducci Self Levitation Magic Trick is that it requires very little preparation and so can be performed anytime especially during those impromptu requests.

PleaseĀ  leave your comment below and let me know what you think of this trick :)

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